T-shirt Yarn Carpets

Do you want to learn how to do carpets out of yarn? Besides being a decorative object, it is also very functional (who does not like to get their feet of the bed and find a soft touch of a warm carpet, or watch their kids playing on top of one…). In addition, it is the best way to introduce yourself in the exciting world of yarn, because they are in general very easy to weave. You can make them with different shapes: square, rectangular, polygonal, circular, oval… For different parts of your house: for the bedroom, for the shower, for your kids room, for the home entry… Make the step! With the free carpet patterns that you will find at the end of the post, it will be very simple for you.

How to do carpets of yarn

If you are interested in the subject but do not know where to start, in this article we will teach you how to do carpets made out of yarn. And we will explain it step by step, so you do not miss any detail.

A round carpet of yarn

We are going to explain how to yarn a round carpet made out of yarn. And with fringes! An original carpet that you can allocate to the use you prefer. It is a tapestry with a little more than a meter of diameter that we have made with yarn of 5 different colors.


Before we begin to explain to you the process to made a round carpet of yarn step by step, we want to point out that to knit this in particular we need a little bit more than five balls of yarn in total, of one or more colors, as you want, although we recommend bright and luminous tones, because we want to propose a carpet of yarn for a child’s room. The job starts from the middle with a chain of 6 points closed weaving around it 12 high points (all the job is done with this kind of point, except the purple row, which we have knitted in low point). As you can see, this kind of job does not start with the classic magic circle, since it does not make sense because of the large number of laps involved. We leave up to you the color combination of the carpet of yarn, we are sure you have a great taste. One last tip: it is important that the place where you make the increases is not the same, since the goal is that the carpet is completely round. So, respect the frequency but try that the increases do not coincide over those of the previous turn. Do you like the result? I am sure of it!

Rectangular carpet of yarn

If you have had a good time weaving the round carpet that we just have suggested, we are now going to explain how to make a rectangular carpet of yarn. We have to admit that it is a little more classic, but the difference is in the type of point we are going to use: the garter stitch.

alfombra de trapillo rectangular
The design we want to share with you today will allow to weave a rectangular carpet made out of yarn with a garter stitch. This job would not have much secret if it was not for the type of stitch we will weave it with, since we are using two needles to make it. We will need 4 big balls of yarn (for a 100 x 70 cm carpet) and two needles of number 15. Although this mat is very simple to make, the process is a little bit more uncomfortable as we move forward in the weaving, as consequence of the considerably increase in the weight we are working with. We start with a round of 36 garter stitches (pass the first point of each spin without weaving and knit all the turns to the right). You will have to make a total of 114 spins to reach the length we have proposed. Once you have closed all the stitches of the last spin, you will have ready your rectangular carpet of yarn in a garter stitch to put it wherever you wish: in the kitchen, at your bedroom’s floor…

Oval carpet of yarn

Now you already know how to make round and rectangular carpets. So now we are going to show you how to make an oval carpet made out of yarn. A very curious way that we think you are going to love.

alfombra de trapillo ovalada
The oval carpet made out of yarn we are suggesting has measures of 140 cm large by 65 wide, although you can modify them based on the pattern you will find at the end of the post. To start the job, which we will knit with different shades of brown, you will have to follow the instructions that appear in the indicated pattern. At the last spins we have made a combination of double crochets that we have ended with a last spin in false point. As you can see, the result is great, isn’t it?

Creative carpets of yarn

If you want to knit something different, sing up to make creative carpets of yarn, with shapes that came out of the original standards. Fun and audacious shapes that will make your job unique and amazing.

alfombras de trapillo originales

One of the creative carpet of yarn we want you to learn is an extra-large carpet shaped like a penguin. A real beauty that your kids will love. Do you want to check it out?

The biggest part of this 108 x 145 cm carpet shaped like a penguin, the white part, we are going to make it with thick yarn and a needle of number 15. We will start with a first chain of 3 points to end, after 13 spins, with a last spin of 136 stitches, where we are going to alternate double treble and double crochet. To continue with the carpet we will have to knit in grey the external part of the penguin (up to 11 rows with stitches and some sequences), as well as the 2 legs (3 spins) and the beak (5 rows) in mustard color, both blushes of the cheeks in pink (1 spin will be enough), and both wings with the same grey we used previously (4 rows). To make the eyes we will use a piece of felt. And we will just have to put all the parts together, which we can knit with a needle or with the same yarn. Now we have a fantastic and creative carpet shaped like a penguin, ideal for the kids bedroom.

Heart-shaped carpet of yarn

To end this post we are going to show you how to make a heart-shaped carpet of yarn step by step. It is a solidarity action, since Lucia (“Coser fácil y más“), the job’s author, wanted to raise funds for “Menudos Corazones” association, a foundation that helps kids with heart problems. It is for this reason that this carpet has this shape. In addition, it is very easy to make, so you can knit it with your kids.

To begin this tutorial you have to choose between a light mesh or a firm one, depending on if the yarn you want to use is thin or thick. And, as we are knitting a heart, the best thing to do is to choose a color from the red’s range, right? Next, we have to cut cloth strips about 17 cm long. The knot we will make throughout the job is very simple: we fold the strip in half, we introduce the end of the loop through one of the holes in the mesh, we take it out by the next one and we put the two ends inside the loop .
The pattern to make the shape of this carpet is very simple to make. You have to cut a square 40 cm on each side of a newspaper and place it as a diamond. Following that, cut a circle 40 cm in diameter of another piece of paper, cut it in half and place each part next to 2 of the ends of the diameter, and that will make a heart.

To start knitting, we will make the first knots around the heart of paper (which we have placed on top of the mesh) to draw the outline of the carpet and have clear boundaries of the job. Once we have the detailed perimeter, we can start filling the inside holes. We will do it in alternate holes if the yarn is thick. When the carpet is finished we only have to put it backwards to be able to cut the extra mesh. You can do this directly with scissors or with a cutting pliers.

As you have seen, this is a very easy job. You just need to have a little patience. Oh, and do not doubt! Involve your kids in the process. They will love to make with their own hands a carpet of yarn for their bedrooms!

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